Our Wines

Sweet Apple

Made with 100% Honey Crisp Apples; its tantalizing to your sense of smell. Full of sweet apple flavor she is a true reminder of one of Michigan’s greatest commodities…The Apple!  

~11% alcohol by volume


Big ripe juicy blackberries were used to make our Blackberry wine. So easy to drink you’ll feel like you are eating fresh blackberries! Ah, but we warn you to be careful she packs quite a punch…. 

~16.5% alcohol by volume


Kid you not…this is not your Boone’s Farm Strawberry wine!! Owl’s strawberry wine is packed full of sweet strawberries to entice the taste buds & keep you coming back for more. Bursting with strawberry flavor it’ll remind you of warm summer evenings sipping wine on the front porch swing watching the sun go down. 

~16.5% alcohol by volume


Our Blackberry & Blueberry wines create this popular blend. “Black & Blue” juice blends are a loved combination so it only made sense for us to blend the two to create a wine in this sensational flavor. When its black & blue it’s called a bruise; since our has alcohol we call it “BROOZE”! 

~13% alcohol by volume

Chapple Rose

We married our Sweet Honey Crisp Apple wine with our Sassy Traverse City Tart Cherry wine to create this one-of-a-kind Cherry Apple flavor with a slight dry back.  A great wine that pairs well with turkey or chicken.

~13% alcohol by volume


100% Traverse City tart cherries are mouthwatering sweet yet sour little treats that Michigan loves! At Owl Wineries we love these little treats too so naturally we made our Cherry wine with them. A sassy tart cherry flavor makes your mouth pucker for this wine. 

~15% alcohol by volume

Dry Harvest Apple

Created with our dry wine drinkers in mind this Dry Harvest Apple wine is made with a blend of apples similar to an apple cider. She has a bit of a hard apple cider taste on the back end that is sure to capture the hearts of hard apple cider lovers everywhere! 

~13.75% alcohol by volume


Rich and deep both in flavor & color she’ll steal your heart if you are a raspberry lover! A tart smack on the back end makes pairing a piece a dark chocolate with our Raspberry wine a treat for sharing with your lover! 

~16% alcohol by volume


Popping with smooth sweet Blueberry flavor that only comes from fresh blueberries. This wine will remind you of yummy sweet blueberry pie.  Picked at their peak makes this wine a real treat!  

~11% alcohol by volume


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